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You are given the ages (in years) of all people of a country with at least 1 year of age. You know that no individual in that country lives for 100 or more years. Now, you are given a very simple task of sorting all the ages in ascending order.


There are multiple test cases in the input file. Each case starts with an integer (0<n<=2000000), the total number of people. In the next line, there are integers indicating the ages. Input is terminated
with a case where = 0. This case should not be processed.



For each case, print a line with space separated integers. These integers are the ages of that country sorted in ascending order.


Warning: Input Data is pretty big (~  25 MB) so use faster IO.


Sample Input                             Output for Sample Input


3 4 2 1 5


2 3 2 3 1


1 2 3 4 5

1 2 2 3 3

Note: The memory limit of this problem is 2 Megabyte Only.

Problem Setter: Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman

Special Thanks: Shahriar Manzoor


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