Max Sum

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Max Sum

Time Limit : 2000/1000ms (Java/Other)   Memory Limit : 65536/32768K (Java/Other)
Total Submission(s) : 52   Accepted Submission(s) : 12

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Problem Description

Given a sequence a[1],a[2],a[3]……a[n], your job is to calculate the max sum of a sub-sequence. For example, given (6,-1,5,4,-7), the max sum in this sequence is 6 + (-1) + 5 + 4 = 14.


The first line of the input contains an integer T(1<=T<=20) which means the number of test cases. Then T lines follow, each line starts with a number N(1<=N<=100000), then N integers followed(all the integers are between -1000 and


For each test case, you should output two lines. The first line is "Case #:", # means the number of the test case. The second line contains three integers, the Max Sum in the sequence, the start position of the sub-sequence, the
end position of the sub-sequence. If there are more than one result, output the first one. Output a blank line between two cases.

Sample Input

Sample Output

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